Sunday, May 25, 2008

Growing Vegetables in EarthBoxes

Some days ago I wrote about the possibility of growing vegetables in EarthBoxes. Last weekend I converted cheap talk into action---I bought 3 EarthBoxes and planted a variety of vegetables! Here's a picture of 2 of the EarthBoxes (I got the third after I took this photograph).

The EarthBox on the right has two varieties of tomatoes, while the EarthBox on the left has basil, serrano peppers, and two varieties of bell peppers (two golden bells and a purple bell). The third EarthBox is full of bush beans. So following Michael Pollan's advice, I've taken the first step toward growing some of our own food (given my expertise in the matter, we'll be happy if we get at least one meal out of this!).

In terms of the the EarthBox promise of "virtually no effort", it's looking pretty good right now. Over the last week, taking care of the plants has involved simply topping off the water reservoir through the fill tube that you can see at the front right of each EarthBox. It takes less than 5 minutes a day. And, except for the basils, the plants are looking well hydrated. (The basils' leaves are slightly curled up, which may mean that they aren't getting quite enough water, though they're clearly getting water; they're not obviously dried up or anything.) So there is a good chance that we might actually land up with something we can eat!

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