Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bandwagon and Hollywood

So it looks like I've finally joined the bandwagon, and I don't even like basketball! I am, of course, referring to the magical run of the Golden State Warriors: clinching the final spot in the NBA playoffs in the very last game of the regular season and then knocking off the number 1 seeded Dallas Mavericks (who thought they would win the championship) in the first round of the playoffs in 6 games. Even though I don't like basketball, I was sufficiently taken by this story to actually listen to the second half of Game 6 on the radio last Thursday!

And this Cinderalla story has its very own made-for-Hollywood hero---a case of truth imitating fiction, perhaps? Today's Mercury News had a front page article on the Hollywood story of Baron Davis, the Warriors star:

Tough kid grows up in an even tougher part of South-Central Los Angeles, supported by a beloved grandmother. He lands a scholarship at an exclusive high school, where he mingles with kids of the rich and famous. He goes on to star at UCLA and make a name for himself in pro basketball.

Then come the setbacks. Injuries. Losing. Whispers that he's headstrong, melodramatic, uncoachable.

But he silences the critics by leading a misfit-filled squad to a stunning upset of the NBA's best team - playing the final game virtually on one leg because of an injury. In the last scene, his arms are stretched high as confetti falls and he's drenched in cheers.

Move over Rocky!

Now lets see how long this ride lasts, as the Warriors take on the Utah Jazz in the second round.

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