Thursday, April 19, 2007

Online pedometer

Do you take long walks or go running in your neighborhood? Or do you take your kids for bike rides? Have you wondered how far you went on each of these trips? Of course you did! And you probably had a pretty good estimate based on some idea of how fast you were going. Maybe you know you run between 9 and 10 mins/mile (unless you're Sub, in which case you run at 7 mins/mile!). Or maybe you know that you walk about 3.5 miles/hour (unless you're Puru walking a marathon and going at a zippy 3.83 miles/hour!). But even after all your estimating, surely you're left with this niggling question: how much did you actually go?

Well, don't let that question niggle you any more: you need GMaps Pedometer! This is a great site, built on top of Google Maps, that allows you to lay out your route on a map. It tells you how long the route is, how long each leg of the route is, how many calories you burnt (I haven't used this, but it sounds interesting---isn't that the whole point of being out and about in the neighborhood...:-), elevation, ... It's really cool, and it takes out all the guesswork from your estimates. You can now veg out in front of the TV (or in front of your computer reading blogs) serene in the knowledge that you just finished a 4.53 mile run!

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